FourPercent Challenge is the most comprehensive, step-by-step video guided daily coaching program specifically designed to help you create a true and lasting breakthrough in business, marketing, income, and life.

Imagine getting coached directly by an 8-figure internet entrepreneur on exactly how to go from zero to your first $10,000… $100,000… and even $1,000,000 – step-by-step, day-by-day in a “look over the shoulder” format.

No matter what it is you’re promoting or selling, if you dare to take The Challenge, you will rise yourself head and shoulders above everybody else in your space, and become UNSTOPPABLE.

Success Challenge




Sign up now and get immediate access to FourPercent PRO level for the next 7 days for just $1.00. You’ll get immediate access to your training even if it’s 2:00am!



As soon as you login to your private portal, you’ll activate ‘The Challenge’ training program and if you’d like, setup and activate your multiple streams of income.



Every day, starting immediately, you’ll get a private training session showing you exactly what to do THAT DAY to move you forward. It’s like taking your daily success pill!



Each day you’ll be given specific action steps showing you exactly what to do that day. Simply complete your daily action steps and watch your business and life transform daily!


Have you ever wanted to build a successful business or perhaps create a highly converting campaign that would  open floodgates of sales and revenue for you but just didn’t know where to start or how to do it right?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, confused or frustrated because nothing you do seems to work?

Are you tired of buying product after product, watching webinar after webinar, and going to conferences and events, hoping for a breakthrough only to find yourself getting more in debt, getting more confused and distracted, feeling like you’re going backwards…slowly losing confidence in yourself and/or perhaps even being laughed at by others?

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck at a certain level in your business or results and just can’t seem to breakthrough?

If you said ‘YES’ – you’re not alone.

The FourPercent Challenge was created specifically for people like you.

This entire project is built on 2 core principles: SIMPLICITY and RESULTS.

When we’re talking about RESULTS in business, we’re talking sales, conversions, and ultimately putting money in your  bank, which will allow you to fuel and fund all the great things you want to get in life – thus, creating the ‘GOOD LIFE’.


To eliminate overwhelm and help you get results fast, The FourPercent Challenge is broken down into 3 levels. Each level is built upon and is an extension of a previous one, which is a secret key ingredient to your exponential and rapid growth. You’ll have a solid and clear path to follow.

Each day you’ll get a specific and detailed training with specific and precise action items for you to complete that day. It’s like being taken by the hand and literally shown exactly what to do every day.



We start from scratch and build up from there. Your goal here is to go from where you are now (even if it’s zero or you’re just getting started) and generate at least $10,000 in revenue.

Just like baking a yummy cake – in order to achieve this, there are certain things you must do in the right order (this is where most people get confused and overwhelmed).

Luckily for you – you’ll be learning exactly what they are and exactly what to do step-by-step.


    Most people fail because they’re programmed to fail. You’ll learn how to literally reprogram and “wire” yourself for massive success, internally.
    How to find great products to sell that are in high demand in the marketplace. You don’t even have to create your own product but you must know how to find one.
    How to make yourself stand head and shoulders above your competition with the product you’re promoting so that you get the most sales.
    Getting very clear on what your core message is. You want to be a ‘meaningful specific’ and NOT a ‘wondering generality’ like most of your competition.
    You must understand traffic generation and how to drive large amounts of highly targeted visitors to see what it is you’re promoting.
    You’ll learn how to strategically build and grow a big list fast using the MCPA strategy.
    This means getting sales. You’ll learn how to convert your prospects into customers and later – raving fans who want to buy from you over and over again.
    Right from the beginning, you’ll learn how to setup multiple streams of passive and automated income that complement your main CORE income stream. This strategy doesn’t require any more of your time or any extra marketing efforts but, will immediately multiply your results and income!
    This is the single most important ingredient for your long-term success. You’ll learn how to create your personal central hub, your home on the internet where you will nurture and grow your mass following – something that nobody can take away from you.



Once you’ve successfully completed level 1 and you’re able to generate at least $10,000 consistently and repeatedly, it’s time to graduate and go to level 2.

This is where things really start to become fun! Our goal here is to 10X what you did in level 1.

Would you like to hear something cool though? Once you’re at level 2, the amount of work that is required for you to 10X your results will actually be A LOT LESS than what it took for you to go from zero to $10K.

In this level, we’re developing and stacking a few skillsets to MULTIPLY your results.


    This is where you really start to take control of your positioning in the marketplace and naturally build and scale your influence.
    You’ll learn how to become extremely influential and persuasive in what you do and how to get others to literally chase you asking to do business with you. This is a very, very powerful skill.
  •  S.P.S. (Strategic Product Stacking):
    You’ll learn how to strategically stack different products and develop your own syndicated product suite. This is the same strategy that companies like Apple are using to exponentially grow their business and revenue.
    You’ll learn the secrets for creating massive promotions and campaigns that produce huge results in a very unique way, making you very attractive.
    To grow your business, you’ll need to learn how to create leverage through systems. Imagine being able to earn more while working less! Think McDonalds or Subway as examples of great systems at work. You’ll learn exactly how to do this.
    Competition is for amateurs, you’ll go for DOMINATION. In order to dominate, you’ll need to understand how to strategically plant the “seeds of total domination” and prepare yourself for yet another level – LEVEL 3 coming up next.


Get started today and you’ll also get full access to LEVEL 2
for just $1,164.00 – 100% FREE!

This is a LIMITED TIME special bonus offer.
Normally level 2 is presented as an optional upgrade (offered to those who graduated level 1) for $1,164.00.
When you register and start The Challenge today, you’ll get level 2 included in the program at no extra cost.
(We reserve the right to pull or change this offer at any time without warning.)


THE $1,000,000 CHALLENGE

Ok, now we’re getting serious. When you reach this level, you’re really playing big and are able to literally write your own check in life; create your own economy.

If you persevere, stick through the first 2 levels and dare to go to this final level – get ready because once you step through these doors, your life will never be the same again!

This will be available to you but only the brave, daring, and committed will experience it.


    You’ll learn how to setup your own massive recurring revenue infrastructure where you get lots of people paying you monthly on autopilot.
    We’re going to massively scale what we’ve built in levels 1 and 2 of ‘The Challenge’. You’ll learn how to strategically, effectively and efficiently scale your business to a whole other level.
    You’ll learn how to literally start movements in your space. How to influence and channel massive amounts of people, create disciples, success stories, help others reach their goals and start building your legacy.
    You’ll start to solidify your voice in the marketplace and become a trusted figure of authority. Somebody who others look up to for advice, guidance, direction and inspiration. This is a feeling no amount of money can buy because this is where you’re truly making a difference in the world and feel amazing about yourself and what you do. Money and lifestyle becomes a by-product, and perhaps for the first time in your life you’ll start to feel what it’s really like to experience total freedom and live life on your terms.


Get started today and we’ll also include this level for you 100% FREE!

This is a LIMITED TIME special bonus offer.
Normally level 3 is presented as an optional upgrade (offered to those who graduated levels 1 and 2) for an additional $2,364.00
When you register and start The Challenge today, you’ll get level 3 included in the program at no extra cost.
We reserve the right to pull or change this offer at any time without warning.

With this special limited-time promotion, you’ll get both levels 2 and 3 included in the program 100% FREE.
(This will SAVE you $3,528.00, but you must act fast before it’s too late.)



There are many pretenders and fake “gurus” out there on the internet that try to teach you something they have no idea how to do themselves, leading others astray…


In this program you’re getting coached directly and personally by Vick Strizheus, the founder and creator of FourPercent – the fastest growing entrepreneur and marketing training company in the world.

Vick started from scratch with no money in 2005, and through much trial and error was able to “crack” the “online success code”, rising himself from failure to major success – becoming a top producer and #1 income earner in many companies, building large teams and organizations, and helping many of his students do the same.

He’s a husband, father of 6, entrepreneur, business strategist, top traffic and marketing expert and creator of some of the highest converting sales funnels and business training programs on the internet. Vick helps total beginners become successful and millionaires become multi-millionaires.

As of today Vick has directly coached over 3 Million students from over 180 countries and helped thousands achieve extraordinary levels of success. All of his trainings and work is centered around 2 things: simplicity and results.



Plain and simple – this program is designed to give you full control of your life now and the future.
Imagine knowing exactly how to create the life you always wanted without having to depend on anybody, ever!

The FourPercent Challenge Can Help You Get:

You’ll know exactly how to build your business in a way that gets you results you really want. No more guesswork. No more confusion. No more frustrations. Finally a clear path to follow!

Imagine feeling empowered. No longer will you have to depend on somebody or some “thing” for your success. Imagine having the power to create your own economy and live on your terms!

You’ll feel in control, knowing exactly how to create the life you really want and deserve for yourself and your family. Ask yourself – if money was not an issue, what kind of lifestyle would you have? What would you do… feel… experience?

When you have clarity, confidence, and the power to write your own ticket – you’ll feel a true sense of freedom. Only about 4% of the world’s population can really experience this lifestyle. The Challenge is designed to help you be one of those 4%ers.

Gone are the days where you lack confidence and feel small and insignificant because you can’t get the results you want. By taking The Challenge you’ll become a lot more confident in yourself and your abilities to create the result you want.

The secret to living is GIVING. Imagine being able to create so much success that you’re now able to not only provide the absolute best for yourself and your loved ones, but you’re also able to contribute and help others in need. You can do this!



Look – if you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time for you to do something about it.

Create your FourPercent account and start The Challenge now.

Follow the program exactly as it’s presented to you and watch your business, income, and life transform!

It’s really as simple as that.

You have no reason not to succeed, no excuse is valid enough to keep you from creating your big breakthrough.


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Purpose | Fulfillment | Contentment. We teach and help people worldwide success in all areas of their lives. A Commitment to a better future. (Updated July 23, 2020) Pique Your Curiosity Never underestimate the power of curiosity. A desire to know and learn, curiosity ignites your mind, forcing it to come alive. I’ve always loved learning, I was quizzical and loved technical stuff. I always wanted to have my own business. After I started a family, I always had side jobs. I sought out motivational books that provided insight into a better future and found a mentor who saw something in me and fostered my growth. When you admit that although you don’t know something, you’re eager and willing to find out about it, you release your potential to achieve incredible things. You become open to the possibility of your purpose. Inquisitive people ask questions, seek answers, wonder how things work and try fresh approaches to old problems. You can easily recognize them by their behaviors. I refer to this phenomenon as “vujà dé”—the opposite of déjà vu. It means examining a problem or a situation with fresh eyes and an open mind, often resulting in a creative and innovative solution. Curious people are constantly searching for “new” information. You’ll find them in bookstores and libraries, sitting on the floor, absorbed in a book about some seemingly random subject. They proactively solicit feedback from their managers, spouses, friends and co-workers. They ask profound and insightful questions. Strive to take in fresh information. Consider your sources and then expand them. Find someone who inspires you and ask them what they’re reading, watching, listening to. Curiosity naturally leads you to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Philosopher Eric Hoffer said, “In the future, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” When we’re dead and gone, people can judge us on what we accomplished. Until then, it’s up to us to keep searching for what we’ll accomplish next. Your curiosity puts you in the driver’s seat. Examine Your Motives If your motives are pure and honest, you will experience forward momentum. If they’re not, your purpose will remain locked up. My life coach helped me learn that permanent and real validation comes from within. When your confidence is unshakable and unaffected by the way others react to you, this authentic confidence leads to genuine motives, which creates real connections and bona fide results. I increased my confidence by being willing to pay the price to develop character and a spirit of excellence. Give instead of take, be kind, and care for someone who can do nothing for you. I invite you to do the inner work of examining your motives, no matter what the situation. Failing to do so risks building your life on an unstable foundation, so rid your system of backstabbing, and attempting to control outcomes. When you’re obsessed with achieving a particular outcome, you’re disconnected from your spirit. Instead, consider living your life with detached intention. When you’re open to different outcomes, you’re aligned with your spirit. This inner peace releases your purpose and attracts what’s in your best interest. You’ll recognize your purpose when time ceases to exist and there’s an alignment of your mind, your body and your spirit. Purpose isn’t external; it’s something you own inside, it's actually you, the spirit, which is what we are living in this body. Ignite Your Intuition Intuition is knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes. Call it a hunch, or your sixth sense—it’s when you simply know you were meant to walk a certain path or make a specific decision. You don’t know why you know, you just do. When I let my intuition guide me while speaking before a crowd, I fall into a state of uncomplicated joy, knowing that I am making a difference in these people’s lives. Adding value to the word costs you nothing, but will earn you everything. Listening to and following your instincts is key to becoming purpose-driven. When you live with purpose, you become more intentional about what you do and how you do it. While many people depend on hard data, schooling and experience to make decisions, I invite you to remain open to what your intuition might be telling you, especially if it’s different from what logic dictates. There will also be times when you simply don’t have enough information to make a good decision—what do you do then? Get quiet, listen to your spirit and go with it. Whether the world approves or disapproves of you following your intuition, you’re the one who has to live with your choice. You’ll know that your instinct is on target by the peace you’ll feel in your soul – the feelings and emotions. Evaluate the Core Areas of Your Life If you feel trapped in your 9-5 job, if you feel under-skilled, inexperienced and undereducated (not having that degree), you’re not living in your purpose. How do you process this and identify your purpose? I felt this way once. On paper, I had the job of my dreams, but I was just going through the motions. In my heart, I knew that I didn’t want to be there anymore, and I was spinning my wheels. One day, I decided to stop living beneath my potential, and I gave myself permission to be intentional. I knew that I needed to move more deeply into who I wanted to become. For me, that meant leaving the working-for-a-boss world. The core areas of your life are personalized to you and your purpose. Only you can truly define them—mind, body and spirit, family and friends, spirituality, finances, career. Start by doing some soul-searching. Ask yourself personal questions about your life as you see it: How are you doing in the core areas of your life? Are you excelling in some and lacking in others? For example, career is a core area where many people struggle. If this is you, ask yourself: What am I good at? What are my special talents, skills and abilities? Then take it outside of yourself: What do I want to do? What external problem, situation or need nags at you? What opportunities, careers or vocations are you interested in but haven’t pursued? Seeking your truths within the core areas of your life, both inside and out, will help you walk a purpose-driven path Develop High-Impact Habits One of the most crucial things you can do to live on purpose is to develop high-impact habits. These are the behaviors and actions that move you farthest and fastest in the direction of your heart’s desire. High-impact activities accelerate the process of unleashing your purpose. On the flip side, low-impact habits drain your energy, your enthusiasm and your efforts, and they delay and prevent you from finding your purpose. Develop a habit of being a steward of your time and energy. What you do with these two resources will determine the outcome of your life. Time is our most precious asset, and yet we tend to let it slip away on activities that don’t move us forward. How much time do you spend watching TV, answering emails and surfing the internet? I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve wasted far too much time on those three things, and all it is, is noise. I remind myself daily that if I’m going to live my purpose and reach my goals, I can’t let these low-impact activities consume my day. This habit has transformed my life, and I want you to try it: Guard your energy and protect your spirit during what I call the “hour of power.” Every morning, devote 20 minutes to meditation, 20 minutes to exercise and 20 minutes to reading aloud. We live in an electronic world that moves at the speed of light, and we’ve forgotten how to focus. This morning ritual will open your mind, heart and spirit to your purpose like no other. Meditating centers your energy and intention on how your day will unfold. Exercising invigorates your body and creates momentum. Reading focuses your mind, and reading aloud expands your vocabulary and increases your confidence. Putting It All Together Living your purpose means waking up early every morning eager and excited. The moment your feet hit the ground, you can’t wait to make a difference in yourself, to learn, to know. You’re excited to execute your vision by faith, knowing that you're a center of divine operation, therefore, since the divine is infinite (I call it God), and always for expansion and fuller expression, it operates in the same In my eBook My Discovery Story -- In Search For Success (being edited) I share my life story from my home-country, former Yugoslavia and how I came to Canada in 1979. Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Matthew 7:8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. https://wptrckr.com/PurposeFulfillmentContentment--Iamsuccesspro

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